Looking back – Hook Norton pub snippets – The Gate Inn, Brailes.

The Gate Inn is located on the old ‘Banbury, Brailes and Shipston Turnpike Road’ of 1802. This old mail coach route is now of course the B4035.

It is thought that the name Gate comes from the location in the village of the Brailes Tollgate. It was common place for there to be an Inn near a Toll gate to catch trade from the enforced stopping place.

In 1896 Edwin Stanley was landlord and in 1899 P & F Taylor brothers opened Brailes Brewery next door. At some point the Gate Inn became the Brewery Tap.

William Baylis took over as landlord in 1907 by which time the Taylor Brewery had closed. Then in 1924 William Cuthbert became landlord and by 1940 it was Lewis Hall.

In 1966 The Gate became part of the Hook Norton tied estate having previously been owned by Whitbread.

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